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Reward loyalty and increase your revenue

Lojalty is a mobile app that lets you set up a digital loyalty program in less than 5 minutes.
No credit card required
14 days free trial
No commission fees
Lojalty app - Ett digitalt lojalitetsprogram. Samla alla dina poäng och stämplar på ett och samma ställe.
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How Lojalty works.


Set it up easily

Set up your loyalty program in less than 5 minutes. Want to give Points? Stamps? You can easily choose.


Create coupons and vouchers

Choose the rewards you want your customers to redeem. Create coupons or vouchers that incentivize your customers to come back.


Reward your customers

Rewarding your customers has never been easier. Give them points or stamps with QR codes, printed leaflets, email, sms or use our API to connect with you POS system.
Hur funkar ett digitalt lojalitetsprogram - Lojalty App video

Start by customizing your design

Skapa ett digitalt lojalitetsprogram på under 5 minuter.

Easily establish your branded app in under 5 minutes.

Choose between traditional stamps or a flexible point-based system.

Next upload your logo and personalize your store using a variety of customization features. Witness the preview window instantly reflect your alterations, and once you're satisfied with the design, you're ready to launch!

4 ways to increase your revenue with Lojalty

Få fler återkommande kunder och öka din försäljning

Increase customer retension

Customers perceive more value in their relationship with a company that offers loyalty rewards. Knowing that they'll receive benefits for their ongoing loyalty encourages them to stay.
Skapa kuponger och belöningar för dina kunder

Increase purchase frequency

Incentivize your customers to interact with your brand regularly. Send personalized offers through in-app and push notifications and encourage them to earn and redeem rewards.
Dela ut stämplar eller poäng till dina kunder.

Understand your customers better

Utilize customer data to tailor your loyalty program to customer preferences and behaviors, making your customers feel more valued and understood.

Acquire new customers

Skaffa nya kunder med attraktiva erbjudanden
Satisfied customers are more likely to become advocates and refer friends and family. This can lead to acquiring new customers as well as retaining existing ones.

Did you know

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% 
increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Excerpted from the article "E-Loyalty: Your Secret Weapon on the Web," Harvard Business Review

Why have 3 tools when you can just have Lojalty?

Lojalty är en allt-i-ett lösning för ditt företag. Få tillgång till ett digitalt lojalitetsprogram, ett enkelt CRM system och skicka annonser och erbjduanden direkt till dina kunders mobiltelefoner.

Strenghten the relationship with your customers


Lojalitetsprogram för restauranger

Beauty Salons

Lojalitetsprogram för kliniker och salonger

Coffee Shops

Lojalitetsprogram för caféer


Lojalitetsprogram för retail och butiker
Belöna dina lojala kunder med ett Lojalty appen

Join Lojalty App

It's Simple. Shop.
Scan. Earn Points.

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  • 1. Do I need to print out the vouchers?
    For packages with airfare and hotel, we recommend printing out the hotel vouchers and flight tickets. However, this is not mandatory. It is best to download and secure a soft copy of all the vouchers/tickets that will be sent to you on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • 2. Why is my gift card not working?
    Voucher codes and gift cards are different and are often redeemed differently too. Please ensure that you are redeeming yours in the Gift Card section if you have a gift card (monetary amount), and in the voucher or discount section if you have a discount code (% off). Each retailers website will look slightly different, so please contact them directly to help you find where to redeem your voucher or gift card correctly, or if your problem persists. - To use your gift card, log into the retailers website and go to your account. - Under your account, click “Redeem a gift card” - Enter your voucher code here to add the credit to your account
  • 3. What do i do if there's a problem redeeming my vouchers?
    Vouchers are provided by the retailer to Lojalty. You will need to contact the retailer's customer service team with a copy of your receipt and a screenshot of your voucher so they can investigate what went wrong. Please also double check you haven't used this voucher before.

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